The Jox Sox mission is to improve the quality of your life. We do so by bringing you the comfort, stability and durability to bounce back no matter what comes your way. Jox Sox is the foundation to put your best foot forward.

Cushioned, the original padded bottom Jox Sox, add comfort to every step you take. Originally designed for athletes whose feet take a pounding, they are perfect for anyone who wears socks. Padded only on the bottom, each step you take feels as if you are walking on a cloud, without adding bulk or changing your shoe size.

Technical features include AirFlow Technology which allows air to circulate to your feet keeping them cooler. Advanced Fibers transfer moisture away from your feet keeping them drier. Padded Bottoms absorb shock and cushion your every step. Snug Fit adds support and promotes circulation. 90% Cotton, 7% Nylon, 3% Stretch Spandex.

Supra Lite, the thinnest, smoothest, softest and most absorbent sock you can imagine. Specifically designed for runners and cyclists, they are perfect for anyone looking for a sock so thin it feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.

Supra Lites share the same technical features as Cushioned Jox Sox without the padded bottoms. AirFlow Technology keeps your feet cooler, Advanced Fibers keep them drier, while the Snug Fit adds support and promotes circulation. All of this while using our unique cotton free exceptionally light, Feather Weight Ultra Thin yarns. 97% Microfiber Nylon and 3% Stretch Spandex.

Ultra Series socks give you the cushioning where you need it, while being ultra thin where you want it. Designed to reduce fatigue and add comfort to every step, stride, leap, and jump , yet thin enough to keep your feet cooler and drier.

High density impact pads provide the ultimate cushioning for your heel and the ball of your foot. Special padding to protect your Achilles tendon. The micro mesh instep wrap provides added support, while reducing bulk for a perfect fit. UltraThin cooling channels keep you cooler. 55% Cotton, 43% Nylon and 2% lycra.


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